All Purpose Ventilator
The Most Advanced Ventilation Device Available
Requires no cutting of your roof or tiles
Turbocharge any static or turbine vent
Easy do-it-yourself installation
Commercial grade solar panel
Uses no electricity
Lowers your energy costs
Cools your attic or crawlspace in the summer
Inhibits mold and mildew



Quite simply the best product you can buy to reduce heat build-up in your attic in the summer and remove harmful moisture in the winter.

Perfect for tile roofs! The All Purpose Ventilator from U.S. Sunlight is a versatile, easy to install solution for Spanish tile, concrete or metal roof homes. Its simple design allows you to get more air circulation from your gable, static, or crawlspace vents. The All Purpose Ventilator keeps your attic space cooler in the summer and removes harmful moisture in the winter. It can also keep your crawlspace drier by increasing the air circulation under the house. One fan can ventilate up to 1250 sq. ft. and can be installed in most situations by the homeowner. The solar panel provides plenty of power for the motor to run without using any electricity.

Easily installs in most gable vents.
Panel can be mounted to the *fascia, on the exterior wall, or to the roof shingles.

Turbocharge existing dormer vents, eyebrow vents, and turbines.
Increase efficiency of your existing passive ventilation system without cutting new openings.

Product Features

*Additional brackets required for mounting to fascia board.

Materials of Construction
Fan Dimensions Housing:  14" diameter x 8.5" deep Mounting Holes:  15.5 " O.C. and 16.25" O.C. Sliding "L" Bracket Travel depth:  0" to 6.75" relative to front of fan.
Motor 38 volt DC motor with replaceable brushes
Ventilating Capacity 1250 Square Feet, (see sizing chart for details)
Finish Metal components are steel finished with zinc-alloy G-90 thickness, hot dipped.
Painted metal components are powder coated : pure polyester coating 3 - 5 mils thickness
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Dimensions 14.25"L x 17"W x 1.25"H (8.5"H, tilted)
Solar Panel 10 Watt panel with high transmission tempered glass encapsulating 35 poly-crystalline solar cells.  Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
Wiring 30 feet, 20 gauge wire
Warranty 20 years housing,  20 years panel,  5 years motor

For sales, service, and support, please call 1-866-446-0966. Our team of support specialists can help guide you from question to solution. Our FAQ page contains a wealth of information on subjects from solar technology to fan installation.

All Purpose Ventilator Installation

Installation Video
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions (Spanish)

Product Warranty

All Purpose Ventilator Warranty Information

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Lowers your energy costs
Attic temperatures can exceed 160° F in the summer months heating up air-condition ductiing and radiating heat into your home. This forces your air conditioning to work harder.
Removes Damaging Moisture
In the winter moisture is constantly added to your home by the washing machine, showers, and dishwasher. During the winter, this moisture can migrate to the attic and condense in the cool air promoting the growth of mold and mildew.
Remote Mountable Solar Panel
It is important to capture as much of the available sunlight as possible. Mount the solar panel remotely to maximize the power of the sun. Panel can be mounted to the fascia*, on an exterior wall, or to the roof shingles.
Cools Your House In The Summer
By expelling the hot attic air and pulling in cooler air from the soffit vents, your house will stay cooler.
Ventilates up to 1250 square feet
One All Purpose Ventilator will ventilate up to 1250 square feet of attic space, or 1200 square feet of crawl space, depending on the slope of the roof, or the height of the crawl space. Add more fans for larger spaces.
Professional Installation Available
Available in most locations. Call 866-446-0966 for details or to arrange for a professional installer to come out and install your solar attic fan.